11th September 2017

Intellectual property

Have you or your business created a product or design you wish to protect? Do you have an unusual or important trading name or logo you wish to protect? You may even have written a song or an article that has made its way to the public domain.

Whatever you wish to protect, if it is original or innovative or capable of being represented in a number of formats, the chances are you can have the benefit of one or more Intellectual Property Rights (“IPR”).

IPR is the generic name given to trade marks, copyright, registered design, patents and unregistered design rights but it is often extended to cover areas such as goodwill, reputation, confidential information, trade secrets and to some extent, method implementation.

Whether you are a sole trader, start up or long standing business or a budding music/film entrepreneur, you should explore whether you can benefit from property exploitation and protection of your IPR. It is after all protection for the asset you have worked so hard to create and it will often be the brand awareness that establishes you.

At EHL Commercial Law, we understand the need to protect your ideas, products and designs and our understanding of intellectual property legislation can help you make informed decisions about the level of protection you are looking for. We provide ‘forward thinking hindsight’ and tailored advice.

On a non-exhaustive basis, our experience includes:

  • Prosecution of UK and community trade marks
  • Licencing, assignment and sale of intellectual property rights
  • Dealing with opposition proceeding in the Intellectual Property Office
  • Dispute resolution within the intellectual property Enterprise Court/High Court