3rd November 2016

What services do we offer?


Jason Hathaway – Managing Director

We get the deal done. Not at any cost, sometimes our advice may be it is not the right deal but if it is the right deal we get the deal done without wasting any time, only focusing on the key commercial points. We are not lawyers because we enjoy lawyering we are commercial lawyers because we are passionate as a team about business and ensuring our clients as best we can get what they set out to achieve.

It is not our business or our deal it is your business and your deal but we will work as hard as we can as if it is our risk and our money and we will give you straightforward advice and we will tell you what we would do in any given situation.

We are experts at corporate transactions with typical deal range being between £500k to £5million. It is as a team what we do (about 200 a year) and we do it very well.

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