Sports Law

Sports law is an amalgamation of laws that apply to athletes and the sports that they play. More often than not, Sports law is conceived to be the “glamourous” area of law and it is still growing and developing because it isn’t a bespoke, single ‘task’.

As a Sports lawyer, the role covers a variety of matters – everything from contract, tort, Intellectual Property Rights, Representation (for agency and employment matters) personal injury, employment , tax issues and defamation.

Sports lawyers don’t only represent players. They often also represent Clubs, Sports Agents, Regulatory associations and even the athletes’ sponsors. One day they can be facilitating deals between sporting governing bodies and broadcasters (whether traditional media broadcasters or online platforms) and the next, representing an athlete at the Court for Arbitration and Sport.

Sport is a big business. Depending upon who you speak to, some people consider sport more important than life and so, as a Sports lawyer it is important to be commercially savvy, enthusiastic, intellectually astute and outgoing. We at ehl Commercial Law believe that we are all of those things. Our relationship and sponsorship with the Leicester Falcons and the Youth Sport Trust helps us understand sport and the nuances that goes along with being a Sports lawyer. Our specialist team understands the business element of sport (regarding commercial exploitation, brand protection and contracts) and our team of litigators and advocates can help protect the business that you have worked so hard to create.