Who is ehl Commercial LLP:

ehl Commercial LLP is a bespoke service Commercial law firm with its roots deep the heart of Leicester. Created in June 2018, following significant investment in its infrastructure and identification of the core team members, it is through those members that ehl Commercial LLP can be a niche practice. We are new but we only have one way to go – up! We want to become one of the leading Commercial firms in the Midlands. With an office in London, we are well placed to service the varied legal needs of our clients on an international basis.

What makes us different to the rest? For a start, we aren’t ‘all things to all man’. We don’t undertake any and all legal disciplines. We specialise. Although our advice can only ever be related to the law, we don’t stop there. We want to add value to you, both as a business and as our client. Where it is possible for us to do so, we recognise commercial opportunities and if that opportunity works for you, we do all we can to make it bear fruition.

We believe in longevity. We want you, as our client, to be a client for a long time. We want to understand your business as it is now but importantly, what it could be. As a business, you have to evolve to ‘stay in the game and be better than your competitors’ and this is no different for us as lawyers. The law is complex but as lawyers, we want to simplify it. By understanding your business and what is important to you, this enables us to offer sound, pragmatic, commercial advice and answers to the complex questions you may have.

We want our rapport and relationship with you, our client, to be as important to you as it is to us.

The world is ultimately connected, Brexit or no Brexit. Primarily, we are located in Central Leicester and Central London and although we believe that we can service your needs from these bases because we recognise that the world is connected, we have excellent affiliate law firms in Europe and in the US that assist us in assisting you. We are also branching our network out into the African continent.

Our lawyers only specialise in domestic and international Commercial & Chancery litigation (within which they do Intellectual Property and Insolvency), Commercial Property, Commercial & Corporate work and Sports law.

Although it is a new practice, ehl Commercial LLP is a firm with significant values that we believe are reflected through the clients we act for, the staff that we have and the main core values that we express. When we say our values are important, we genuinely mean it. We recognise the value in relationships and those relationships become assets. Ultimately, our staff are our key assets. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to assist our clients. Our staff’s every action (whether it be a letter, phone call, Court hearing or networking event) is a reflection of us as a firm. Everything our staff do is judged by clients, the public and peers alike.

We absolutely wouldn’t have it any other way.

We are proud of the team and we believe that they stand as titans among others. It is our team that enables us to represent the clients that we do. However we are viewed, we march forward to get better and better so that our reputation precedes us. This is our challenge and it is not a one that we will shirk away from.