8th November 2016

About Us

 Over the last few years our view is that the legal profession has done a bad job  supporting businesses. A focus almost exclusively on billing and over complicating a  transaction (which is more often than not linked to the first point) has meant that  clients don’t feel as if they are getting a good deal.

 This has led to us setting up EHL Commercial Law. We have a very close and dedicated  team with a clear focus on what is our market. We are part of a much larger group but  the team is housed separately in offices dedicated to the commercial client. On the corporate side our target market is transactions ranging from £500k to £5 million and in respect of other services we believe we are better placed than any to act for businesses with a turnover between £500k to £10 million. We do have larger clients that have been with us for many years and we are also privileged to act for some smaller clients who are on a growth curve. But we believe focus is important.

As a family business ourselves we have a keen understanding of the challenges of a business owner and we are absolutely committed to being seen as a positive partner in supporting our clients. We develop strong relationships and our team has been carefully selected so that there is a close bond and strong dynamic which encourages our ‘can do’ culture.

Every firm will say they are different, they are commercially focused, understand your business and to be honest you don’t know until you use that firm. All we say is come give us a try and we can promise you one thing we will work harder than anyone to prove ourselves because it matters to this team. We don’t have targets and as a small team we don’t have huge overheads. Our focus is not on the bill for a particular transaction but on a long term relationship. We will work with you, introduce you to our contacts and do everything we can to making your business a success.