We are a small but specialist practice deliberately offering a limited range of commercial legal services. This is because we cannot be all things to all man. To do so will detract us in being specialists in what we do. We are a new firm and as a new firm, we have realised that the world is continuing to evolve. To make a mark in society, you have to challenge the norm. We agree and we are definitely trying to do so. We embrace technology, practical and commercial thinking alongside the application of the law, tactics and common sense. These were the foundations of the firm we evolved from and they form part of our key strategy. As we move forward, our intention is to not only retain this key strategy but to move forwards and create a significant history. Our team of lawyers are specialist in their areas. They only practice in their area of law so that they can continue to develop their knowledge and endeavour to be the best in their field.

This helps us, as a firm, drive forwards offering excellent, practical advice at competitive prices.

Unlike many jurisdictions, the legal profession in England and Wales is not “fused” and so, from time to time, we will identify that it is necessary to involve specialist Counsel for that bespoke advice you, as our client, need. However, we are not a firm who involves other parties unnecessarily. If it is possible for us to do so, we will deal with your legal matter ourselves but as advisers, we don’t always have the answers and so, when we need to obtain specialist advice for a specialist area, we utilise our network of preferred and expert professional contacts. We have forged deep professional relationships with leading firms in New York, Washington DC, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Poland. Operating in this way enables us to service our clients wherever they are in the world. Our clients are SME businesses with turnovers of between £250,000.00 to £65,000,000.00. We also represent start-up businesses, charities, businesses that are ready to ‘float’ to property developers and professional service providers. Our main office is based in Central Leicester although we have opened a London office (in the gorgeous former Patent Office in Central London) situated 5 minutes from the Royal Courts of Justice.